Building a unique legacy

Alma Carraovejas has an innate reason to create a unique legacy. In the fourth decade since the origin of the project, learning about the world of wine still requires more effort than ever. “I would give everything I know for half of what I don’t know”. Descartes’ phrase has motivated the constant attempt to improve the fundamental pillar on which Alma is based: people.

In seeking the capacity to emote

As part of the same strategy to achieve unique wine experiences, trips around the world’s vineyards opened our eyes and aroused our curiosity: the ability to excite was not only found in the environment, but was evoked from bottles from different landscapes around the world.

Messengers of environments

Singular Vineyard Wines was born in 2020 from this desire to unite and facilitate access to the most unique places in the world. SV Wines are only the messengers of those environments in which the producer manages to reach beyond the earthly senses and reaches the very representation of an authentic landscape.

Promotion of Wine Culture

Emotion runs through these bottles and motivates the passion of this new import project. SV Wines aligns the philosophy of Alma, in its purest essence, with the promotion of wine culture and access to unique experiences around this world.

Enriching the moment we live in

This new importer wants you to have at your fingertips vineyards and singular elaborations in order to enrich the moment we are living and start building a special legacy for our children and grandchildren.