Marisa Cuomo’s heroic viticulture is due to the way she works on this hostile verticality. A steep slope means that both homes and vineyards have to be worked with a perfect geometry on the ground. The winding roads that lead to all points or nowhere are the perfect form of division to understand each piece of land as a single entity. The site’s orography generates vertigo at every step taken, but offers singular wines that evoke a unique environment.


Sunshine and sea

The Amalfi fjords are remarkable for the amount of light they receive. Narrow passages of water that generate a contrast of light and shadow with very different images every minute of the day. On the slopes that separate the sky from the sea, its vineyards, following different conduction systems, outline this environment’s landscape. And it is at this point that water and the sun meet, marking a perfect ripening of the grapes together with the salinity that the Tyrrhenian Sea gives to the character of its wines.

Los Vinos